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What Is a Dual Fuel Range?

What is a dual fuel range? Discover the pros and cons of this premium kitchen appliance to determine if it's right for you.

Getting Started

Since the range is one of the most used kitchen appliances, the choice you make is an important one. But if you love to cook, and understand the slight nuances of cooking electric vs. gas, what range choice is best?
Kitchen with gas grill and oven hood
There was once a time when you had to decide between an electric or gas range. But for those who just can't decide, there is the dual fuel range.
So, precisely what is a dual fuel range? Primarily, a dual fuel range features both a gas cooktop and an electric oven. And to some homeowners, these ranges offer the best of both worlds and are considered a premium appliance.
But for the higher cost, what are some of the benefits a dual fuel range provides when it comes to cooking? What do some home chefs see in them?
Let's break down the advantages and disadvantages of a dual fuel range.
Inside of kicthen with gas top oven and hood

The Advantages of Dual Fuel Ranges

There are many advantages to a dual fuel range, such as a better, more controllable heat source. And then there's the customization and beauty each brand offers. Let's take a closer look.

Better Controlled Heat

One main reason certain homeowners prefer a dual fuel range is that they offer multiple elements to better control each heat source.
Electric cooktops and ranges can be a guessing game when it comes to temperature adjustment. But with a dual fuel range's gas cooktop, you can make slight adjustments as you saute onions or boil pasta. The hot open flame of a gas cooktop can also be adjusted rather quickly, which prevents that pot of soup from boiling over.
A dual fuel range's electric oven also offers a more precise heat, as well as fast pre-heating. Homeowners can tweak the temperatures exactly–ideal for baked goods or even broiling a roast. It also cooks more evenly, too.

Gorgeous Style

Dual fuel ranges are offered as a premium appliance, and can lend your kitchen a gorgeous design aesthetic. Just take a look at Thermador and Cafe, two brands that offer exceptional, high-quality dual fuel ranges. Each brand offers premium finishes and hardware options, allowing you to customize knobs and handles. Choose brushed bronze hardware to create a French-style kitchen.
Side view of kitchen with gas grill and counter tops

The Disadvantages of Dual Fuel Ranges

While dual fuel ranges offer many benefits, cost and installation are the main disadvantages.


Dual fuel ranges offer many features and perform many functions, which is fantastic if you're a professional home chef or enjoy cooking. However, all of these functions with their bells and whistles come at a cost. It's not uncommon for a dual fuel range to jump in price by a few hundred or a thousand dollars, in comparison to the solely electric or gas range models. So, if you need a more affordable range option, stick with either electric or gas ranges.


Dual fuel ranges need to connect to multiple fuel sources, and this can be quite a disadvantage to some homeowners. Each kitchen is designed differently, and it may prove tricky to locate or create a proper gas line, as well as a sufficient voltage for the oven, to install a dual fuel range.
Most older homes will find this issue. And it may be difficult to find dual power sources in certain smaller cooking spaces, too, such as condos or apartments.

Another Dual Fuel Option

As you can see, dual fuel ranges are not for everyone. While they look stunning in a designer kitchen, the average homeowner may not be able to afford their hefty price tag. Not to mention, your kitchen may simply not have a gas hookup.
But you don't have to be a professional chef to appreciate and understand the difference between cooking on separate fuel sources. If you still desire the benefits of both an electric stove and a gas range, you still have another option. Forego the freestanding dual fuel range and, instead, install a gas cooktop and electric wall oven. Easy as that!

Is a Dual Fuel Right for You?

If you can work around the the obstacles of installing one, a dual fuel range can be a great addition to your kitchen. For that photo-worthy gourmet kitchen, complete with stunning, copper-accented appliances, get yourself that dual fuel range! The same goes for home chefs who love to entertain and cook for large crowds.
But if the price is a bit of a sticker shock, you still have alternatives.
Still undecided on the type of cooking appliances to install? Check out Abt's Kitchen Range Buying Guide to discover what type of range is best for your cooking methods and lifestyle.