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From the debut of their electric toaster in 1905, GE Appliances have been changing the way we work in the kitchen, and continue to provide exciting innovations. Today, the only place you'll find a Hands-Free Autofill water dispenser is on a GE Refrigerator.

GE Monogram Kitchen Appliances - GE Profile Refrigerator - GE Dishwasher

GE - Receive up to a $500 Mail-In Rebate with the purchase of select Slate finish GE Appliances. Expires: 3-24-15    


Find your GE Appliances like the GE Profile Refrigerator and GE Refrigerator at Abt

Abt Electronics proudly carries an extensive selection of GE Appliances, from the GE Artistry line, offering contemporary styling at an affordable price; to the GE Monogram Appliances, GE's uncompromising line of luxury appliances. Shop our selection of GE kitchen appliances for products to fit any budget, style and size requirements. Abt's expansive Chicago-area showroom houses hundreds of GE products, displayed for easy pre-purchase perusal. Shopping for a new GE refrigerator, but out of state? Nonlocal customers can enjoy Free Shipping nationwide on most GE Appliances priced $749 and up. And, of course, all of our customers receive the same award-winning customer service upon which Abt has built a 78-year old reputation as an industry leader. For more information on GE kitchen appliances, visit us in-store or call our appliance sales specialists at 888-228-5800.

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Most people don't think twice about the story behind their appliances, but did you know that the GE Refrigerator in your kitchen is there because of one of the greatest innovators in American history? In 1878, Thomas Edison formed the Edison Electric Light Company, which would become GE in 1892. The first of countless revolutionary GE appliances came thirteen years later, and the rest, as they say, is history.