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Car Audio Amplifiers

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A Car Audio Amplifier from Abt will improve the sound of your tunes even at lower volumes. Our amplifiers have great features like continuously adjustable gain control, non-fading pre-amp output, adjustable low-pass/high-pass crossover, and much more.

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  • 1,200 Watts Max Power/ Compact Design For Versatile Installation Options/ Extreme Efficiency And High-Quality Sound/ Variable Low Pass Filter/ Speaker Level Inputs/ Black Finish
  • 500W RMS x 1 At 2 Ohm/ Class D Amplifier/ Variable Slope Low-Pass Filter/ Continuously Variable Cutoff Frequency Selection From 50-200 Hz/ Variable Bass Boost At 45 Hz/ Dedicated Hi-Level Inputs/ Silver Finish
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  • Abt Model: XR6001
    Regular Price $400.00
    Your Price $299.00
    600W RMS Power At 2-Ohms/ Variable 50-200Hz Low Pass With 24dB/oct/ +18dB Bass Boost 40Hz/ Small Chassis/ Mono Amplifier/ Black Finish
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  • Abt Model: XD7005V2
    Regular Price $559.99
    Your Price $539.99
    Class D 5-Channel System Amplifier With 2-Way / 75W RMS x 4 + 180W RMS x 1 @ 4 Ohms Per Channel Continuous Power/ 3-Way Crossover/ 300 Watts Of Power To A Subwoofer System/ Gasketed, Brushed Aluminum Cover And Black Powder-Coat Finish
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  • Quick Disonnect Terminals/ 4/3/2 Channel/ Top Mounted Blue LED Power/Status Indicator/ Black Finish
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  • 1650 W (RMS) Max/ D Class Mono Section Provides 1000W (RMS) For An Efficiency And Powerful Subwoofer Output/ Amplifier Management Processor/ Automatic Remote Turn On-Off/ Black Finish
  • Abt Model: XR4004
    Regular Price $400.00
    Your Price $299.00
    75W X 4 At 4Ohm/ 100W X 4 At 2Ohm RMS/ Low Pass/High Pass Filter Low Pass Filter 50-200Hz Or 2.5k-10K 12dB/Oct/ Bi Amp Capable/ Black Finsh
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  • Abt Model: XD8008V2
    Regular Price $749.99
    Your Price $674.99
    Capable Of Delivering A Staggering 100 Watts To Each Of Its Eight Channels At 2 Ohms/ Operates With Extremely Low Distortion And Outstanding Efficiency/ Includes A 12 dB / Octave Filter For Each Channel Bank/ Automatic Turn-On Capability/ Dual-Range Differential-Balanced Input Section/ Black And Silver Finish
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  • Abt Model: XD10005V2
    Regular Price $829.99
    Your Price $746.99
    5 Channel Amplifier/ 1000W/ NextD Switching Technology/ Advanced Rollback Protection/ Metallic Finish/ Class D/ 1000 Watt/ Full Range
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  • Abt Model: X5011
    Regular Price $300.00
    Your Price $199.00
    1000 Watts Max Power Handling/ 300 (4 Ohm) RMS Power Handling/ Speaker Level Input/ Signal Sensing Turn-On/ Variable High & Low Pass Filter/ Bass Boost/ Black Finish
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  • 4-Channel Class D Full Range Amplifier/ 100W x 4 at 2 Ohms/ Employs A Highly-Efficient Class D Design/ Robust MOSFET Power Supply/ Silver Finish
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  • 100W RMS x 4 + 350W RMS x 1 At 2-Ohm/ 5.4 Watts Per Square Inch/ Remote Bass Knob Compatible
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  • Abt Model: 12001V3
    Regular Price $1299.99
    Your Price $1039.99
    Signature R.I.P.S. Power Supply Design/ Parametric Bass EQ/ Fully Variable Infrasonic Filter/ Advanced Rollback Protection/ Vertical, Cast Alloy Fins Dissipate Heat/ Black Powdercoat Finish
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  • Abt Model: X8015
    Regular Price $450.00
    Your Price $349.00
    CEA-2006 Compliant/ 2 Ohms Load Capability/ Speaker Level Input With Signal Sensing Turn-On/ Power MOS-FET Switching Power Supply/ Extruded Aluminum Heat Sink Design/ MAX Power 1600W/ Speaker Level Input/ Variable High And Low Pass Filter/ Black Finish
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  • Abt Model: HDP1
    Regular Price $659.99
    Your Price $549.99
    1000W Peak Power At 2Ohm/ Thermally Optimized Double Extruded Heatsink/ Ergonomic And Aluminium Die-Cast End Caps/ Full Range Pre-Out/ Automatic Remote Turn-On/Off Function/ 4 LEDs Monitor The Status Of The Amplifier/ Black Finish
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  • Abt Model: HCP4
    Regular Price $239.99
    Your Price $199.99
    Assembled With High-Quality Components And Feature A Complete And By-Passable Crossover System/ Built To Work Both In Mono, As Part Of A Three-Channel System With Sub And Front, And In Stereo For A Powerful Two-Channel System/ Heat Dissipation System/ Black Finish
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  • High Speed Switching Technologies/ Ultra Compact Design/ Controls Found On Top For Easy Convience/ Onboard LED-Clipping Indicators/ Differential-Balanced Inputs/ 12 Hz-22 kHz Frequency Response/ Black Finish
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  • 1000 Watts RMS x 1 At 2 Ohms/ 500 Watts RMS x 1 At 4 Ohms/ NexD Switching Technology/ Low-Pass Filter/ Bass Boost EQ/ Remote Level Control Port/ Pass-Thru Pre-Outs/ Black Finish
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  • Abt Model: HCP1D
    Regular Price $299.99
    Your Price $249.99
    1400W Maximum Power Output/ Assembled With High-Quality Components And Feature A Complete And By-Passable Crossover System/ Optimized Heat Dissipation System/ Settable Both In Mono And Together With Another Amplifier/ Black Finish
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  • Abt Model: XD3001V2
    Regular Price $339.99
    Your Price $305.99
    Small Enough To Fit In The Tightest Spots/ Targeted Towards Subwoofer Applications/ Automatic Turn-On Capabilities/ Dual-Range Differential-Balanced Input Selection/ Gasketed, Brushed Aluminum Cover/ Black Powder-Coat Finish
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