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Television technology advancements have developed rapidly over the last few years. Going from bulky, heavy boxes to slim flat panel displays, television manufacturers have raised the bar with newer and better ways to enjoy programming. Even with entry level televisions displaying full HD video, an LED TV or OLED TV will provide picture quality that rivals the local movie theater. TVs have also begun to offer viewers more than just a way to watch local programming or movies. A Smart TV combines the best functions of a computer and a television, acting as a multimedia center with access to the Internet. You can even enjoy a variety of apps like Netflix or Hulu that instantly stream your favorite media. Not to mention, the introduction of curved television allows you to enjoy a perfect view of your screen, no matter where you're sitting. A curved TV screen sharpens images and fills a wider portion of your field of vision, while enhancing depth and immersion to improve your viewing experience altogether.

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Each type of television has its pros and cons. Some viewers prefer an LED TV, especially when watching fast-moving action and sports. However, many of those standard models do not offer a refresh rate that will keep each scene crystal clear. If you happen to watch a large amount of fast-moving television shows or movies, you may want to explore our additional selection of televisions that offer a resolution of 1080p or 4K. Check out our TV Buying Guide where you'll find further information that will help you decide which TVs are perfect for all of your home entertainment purposes.

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