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Technology advancements of the TV have developed rapidly in the last few years. Going from bulky, heavy boxes to slim flat panel displays, they have raised the bar with newer and newer ways to enjoy programming. With even entry level models displaying full High Definition video, an LED TV or OLED TV will provide picture quality that rivals the local movie theater. TVs have also begun to offer viewers more than just a way to watch local programming or movies. A Smart TV combines the best functions of a computer and a television, acting as a multimedia center with access to the internet. You can even enjoy a variety of apps like Netflix or ESPN that will enhance your viewing experience.

With so many options available, it can be difficult to figure out which is the best HDTV for you. Need help understanding the differences between an LED or OLED TV? Check out our HDTV Buying Guide, or please don't hesitate to contact one of our TV Sales Specialists at 888.228.5800.

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Each type of TV display technology has its pros and cons. Some viewers prefer a plasma TV, especially for fast-moving action and sports. But they're the most susceptible to glare from open windows or room lights, which is where an LCD or LED TV will work better. The drawback to and LCD is that it often doesn't produce as rich and vivid a picture as a Plasma display. For more help with the pros and cons of each, check out this TV information page.

What exactly are High Definition Televisions HDTVs? HDTV refers to the native screen resolution of the display, or how many pixels there are, which is determined by the number of horizontal lines of pixels times the number of vertical lines of pixels. For instance, when TVs are listed as 1080p, they are actually 1920 (horizontal lines of pixels) X 1080 (vertical lines of pixels) = 2,073,600 total pixels. It is another way of explaining how crisp the picture looks, with a higher number being better. Televisions today are generally available with native resolutions of 720p or 1080p, with 1080p being the output resolution of a Blu-ray player. We're also beginning to see the release of 4K TVs which offer the most stunning picture quality available today.

At Abt Electronics you will be able to find the perfect flat screen TV with our great TV deals. Whether you want a plasma TV, an LED TV, or LCD TV, we have what you are looking for. If you want to read up on some TV reviews, check out our very own customer's reviews that will help you decide on the best buy for your home. Whether you need a 32 inch TV,m a 40 inch TV or a big 60 inch TV, you can get the best TV online deals at We carry the top brands, so shop Abt and find the perfect Samsung TV or any other HDTV to fit your needs.

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