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Ecobee Smart WiFi Thermostats

Ecobee Smart Wifi Thermostats

Build a Smarter Future with Ecobee at Abt

In 2007, Stuart Lombard began reducing his environmental footprint and, after some research, learned that the use of heating and cooling systems makes up 40-60% of home energy consumption. This statistic is what drove him to create and program his first thermostat, built to conserve energy while he was away from home on vacation. Soon after, Ecobee was formed, becoming the first company to ever release a smart thermostat. Since then, their customers across North America have managed to save over 27.8 TWh of energy; this amount is equivalent to taking all homes in Chicago and Los Angeles off the energy grid for a whole year. Ecobee users even have the option to participate in Donate Your Data, in which you can volunteer to share your smart thermostat data with scientists in order to answer more questions about the sustainable future. Saving energy not only helps the Earth but saves each household money on bills as well, a study showing that ENERGY STAR-certified Ecobee thermostats offer up to 26% savings on heating and cooling. Ecobee's goal is to create a sustainable future with its innovative and effortless heating and cooling products. One part of crafting this future is making their technology accessible to all, which is why the company partners with cities, NGOs and local housing organizations to offer their products to communities in need. Their thermostats aren't just smart; they are meant to adjust, learn and ultimately adapt to your needs and preferences for meaningful solutions and ultimate comfort in your home.

Thoughtful Innovation

The Ecobee smart thermostats are easy to install and compatible with most air conditioners and HVAC systems, with the Thermal Protect feature protecting your HVAC system from running excessively. The thermostats are hardwired and manage to stay current with software updates, constantly adding new helpful features and future-proofed to be compatible with older models. Ecobee smart thermostats are built with a large touchscreen and smooth edges for a sleek, modern look. They are constructed to be long-lasting and work on your wall for well over 10 years, the average lifespan being 4x that of a smartphone. Radar technology in these devices can sense the weather, the layout of your home and more, allowing the thermostats to work at peak efficiency at all times. If you purchase additional Smart Sensors, you can get even more capabilities out of your thermostat. Control your Ecobee device through your smartphone, Apple Watch or tablet, as well as through smart home systems that include voice assistants like Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. Keep an eye on your smartphone for notifications as well, since the thermostat can alert you to sudden temperature drops or maintenance needs. Ecobee provides plenty of automatic settings to optimize thermostat use in your home, like adjusting the temperature when you're not home, sleeping or accounting for humidity in the air. They can even preheat or pre-cool your house before you get home. Once your thermostat learns your routine, it can recommend changes to your temperature schedule in order to align with your day perfectly. While your smart thermostat is connected to your heater and air conditioner, it can also connect to your ceiling fans to maximize the spread of warm or cold air. If you want to learn more about how to build upon the smart system in your living space, review our guide to home automation. Additionally, our team at 800-860-3577 can answer all other questions about Ecobee's energy-saving technology.