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Weber Outdoor Grills

Weber Outdoor Grills: The Great American Backyard

Whether you're a fan of flipping burgers and steaks or are passionate about making pizzas outside in the smoker, nothing says "BBQ" quite like Weber grills. Everyone knows these barbecue innovators for their charcoal kettle grill, first made by George Stephen in 1952. Unsatisfied with the performance of his open-brazier barbecue, he created his own kettle grill by slicing a circular buoy in half, adding a handle to the lid, and cooking up a storm. The results spoke for themselves: smokier meats, cooked tender. This idea of "covered grilling" swept the market by storm, with the Weber kettle grill soon becoming one of America's most recognizable backyard staples. Since then, the company has always sold its charcoal Weber grills, but they've branched out to redefine other aspects of outdoor grilling. With products including portable cookers, wood pellet smokers, built-in grills, and natural gas models, there's a Weber BBQ for every yard, patio, campsite, and balcony.

Easy-To-Move Functionality

Before you fall in love with a specific model (and its multiple burners or stainless steel look, like the Genesis II) you should ask yourself some simple questions. Questions like "Where is this going to go?" could be easy to answer for some and not-so-easy for others. If you're struggling with small space constraints, a classic Weber kettle grill might be best for you. These fit well on small patios and porches, or even balconies. Alternatively, opt for a portable grill or one fueled by liquid propane. Almost all of these are designed with attached wings for added prep space, allowing grill masters a spot to rest their seasonings, spatulas, and tongs. And with no natural gas hook-up, every one of them can be wheeled (or carried) away with ease to create more space when necessary.

Built-In Style

If you love grilling with a passion and have a bit of yard space to spare, it might be time to start putting some of that fiery talent to use with an outdoor kitchen. An outdoor kitchen is just what it sounds like—a countertop meal-prepping area complete with backyard appliances you can enjoy outside. These prep spaces help to keep all the action outside so you don't have to go running back and forth between the house and your Weber. Any outdoor kitchen needs a built-in grill and countertops, but the rest of your grilling space should be tailored to meet your needs. Maybe you'd need a pizza oven and a flat top griddle, or you could prefer to keep a wine cooler and fire pit nearby. Make your outdoor kitchen your dream space (and don't forget to include entertainment, like an outdoor TV or outdoor speakers).

Sizzling Service and Support

Whether you're picking up a portable version for your next tailgate or in search of a natural gas model you can design your backyard around, you can find the perfect grill for your home at Abt. If you're still not sure which model is best for you, check out our outdoor grill buying guide. Here, our experts break down what constitutes a great backyard cooker, and help suggest which models would work best for different lifestyles. If you're hoping for more personalized help, give us a call at 800-860-3577. Our specialists have all the knowledge on Weber outdoor grills you need to help find the one for you. Each device comes with a manufacturer's warranty that lasts at least one year, and we'll continue to service your cooker throughout its lifetime.

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