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3 Ways to Clean a Black Stove Top

A black stove top creates a clean, modern look for your kitchen, but when dirty, even the tiniest stain can take away from the sleek aesthetic. Use this guide to help you find the best way to clean your black stove top.

Getting Started

If you've chosen black kitchen appliances, you were probably attracted to their low-maintenance, easy-clean appeal. Because even the tidiest households can't get away from the occasional spill or splatter in the kitchen, and even if the mess isn't especially visible, you know it's there. So, as with any small or large kitchen appliance, you need to know how to clean your stove so that it looks like new for the foreseeable future. Here's how to clean a black stove top with stuff you've already got in your cleaning cabinet.
Cleaning Black Stovetop
Before You Begin: Make sure that your stove is completely turned off and cooled down before cleaning. Resist the urge to wipe up spills and stains right after you're done cooking, even though they're easier to clean before they dry. Wait until a few hours later or the next day before doing a good wipe-down to prevent burns and accidents. Be sure to avoid using bleach or any cleaning products that could stain or discolor your dark appliances.

The Best Solutions for Cleaning Black Stoves

  1. A Mixture of Vinegar and Water—Vinegar is one of the heavy-lifters of the cleaning supply category, and we love it because it does the job right without introducing any harsh or abrasive chemicals to the mix. Vinegar is naturally acidic, which means it will break down buildup so it's easier to wipe away. You'll want to create a 1:1 mixture of warm water and white vinegar for this method.
  2. A Mixture of Dish Soap and Water—If you don't have vinegar around the house, some gentle dish soap can serve as a stand-in. In fact, because the dish soap is specifically designed to cut through grease and heavy cooking stains and buildup, it can actually work better on certain kitchen messes. To create a dish soap mixture, add five or six drops of soap to a spray bottle of warm water.
  3. A Mixture of Vinegar, Rubbing Alcohol and Dish Soap—This streak-free appliance cleaner recipe is great for wiping down black stainless steel appliances that have accumulated fingerprints and marks. It requires mixing a cup of water, a cup of white vinegar, a cup of rubbing alcohol and two or three drops of dish soap to create a concoction that gently cleans away imperfections without leaving behind streaks.
    Cleaning Mixture with Lemon and Baking Soda

How to Clean a Black Stove Top in Four Steps

  • Step 1: To clean your black gas stove top, first remove the grates, burner caps and other removable elements and allow them to soak in a mixture of warm water and dish soap to loosen up any caked-on grease or food particles.
  • Step 2: To clean your electric stove top or the flat areas around the burners on your gas stove, start by removing crumbs or loose debris using a gentle sponge that will scrub away layers of dried debris without scratching the surface of your appliance.
  • Step 3:Fill a spray bottle with your desired cleaner. Spray the surface of your cook top with the mixture, allowing it to sit on particularly tough stains. Use a sponge or a microfiber cloth to wipe away the dirt and debris.
  • Step 4:Use a sponge to wipe away any stubborn buildup on the grates and removable components of the stove top. Rinse and allow them to dry completely before replacing them.
Spraying Cleaning Solution on Black Stove Top

Sticking to a Regular Cleaning Schedule

Although your black appliances don't need as much attention as your old white ones or even your stainless steel ones, they're not dirt- or grease-proof. In fact, you may even find that, if you get close enough, they get even dirtier than other styles because it's not as easy to see when you spill something.
With that being said, they're among the easiest to clean of major kitchen appliances, so don't fret! The key is to make sure you include their maintenance in your daily and weekly cleaning routine. Give it a daily wipe-down and a weekly deep-clean and you'll constantly see that gorgeous, sleek finish you love so much!

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