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Outdoor grill and table setup

How to Build a Luxury Outdoor Kitchen

Looking for outdoor kitchen ideas? If so, learn how to build a luxury outdoor kitchen with Lynx grills.
Lynx Grills - How to Build a Luxury Outdoor Kitchen

Outdoor Kitchen Ideas

There's nothing quite like a summer barbecue. Sunny weather, sizzling proteins, and laughter all across the patio turn any afternoon into a memory that will remain forever. That being said, the days of the lonely freestanding grill are over. Instead, more and more homeowners are investing in their own outdoor kitchen ideas, creating grilling stations fit for a barbecue master.
Rethink your backyard space and build your own luxury outdoor kitchen ideas with help from the elegant appliances from Lynx. Their team has been making restaurant-quality cooking gear for over 25 years, making their stainless steel appliances a trusted choice among both professional chefs and amateur grillers alike.

Foundation & Placement

Lynx Grills - Foundation & Placement
Before you start implementing any outdoor kitchen ideas, consider your existing backyard or patio. The most important design aspect isn't always one of paint color or material—it's placement. Your new grilling area shouldn't be too close to your indoor spaces, but close enough to easily access from the house. Many prefer angling these spaces slightly away from the home so that they're not too ostentatious, too.
Then consider elements like colors, materials, and mood. Do you want your backyard space to match your home's aesthetic, or are you looking for a space that acts as a complete escape from the neighborhood? Popular designs evoke a farmhouse look with shiplap textures and a weathered wood table nearby. Meanwhile, other outdoor kitchen ideas suggest a Mediterranean space or coastal style. Consider what would look best with your home and yard, and start sketching with pencil and paper.
Finally, consider the foundation for your future cooking spot. You'll want a sturdy base, whether that's made from brick or concrete—but a wood porch or deck will need reinforcing. Many homeowners start with an existing patio and add on from there. Install your cabinetry and grilling island here once you're satisfied with your foundation, then it's time to deck out your new luxury outdoor kitchen with exceptional gear you can enjoy all summer long.

Beyond the Cookout: Appliance

Lynx Grills - Beyond the Cookout: Appliance
Make sure your outdoor kitchen ideas involve the necessary building blocks, like a full-size built-in grill that can accommodate all the folks you need to feed. If you're only barbecuing for two or three people on the regular, you can probably get by with a 30" grill. But if you love hosting parties or have a big family, shoot for a 36" or 42" barbecue—the more square inches you have, the more food you can cook. Lynx grills come in all three sizes, and are available in different fuel types like natural gas and liquid propane. Pick one that best meets the needs of your luxury outdoor kitchen.
Then it's time to head back to your outdoor kitchen ideas drawing board. Once you've picked your barbecue, it's time to go wild with the fun gourmet accessories and cookers. Make sure you have everything you need to cook out here (yes, everything—no one wants to run between the pantry and yard while they grill). Keep grill-worthy ingredients in a compact refrigerator, and build a corrosion-resistant stainless steel sink into your island as well. That way, you'll be able to boil water, wash dishes, and even have access to fresh drinkable water outside. For even more exciting cooking opportunities, install a backyard pizza oven and have each family member craft their own mini Neopolitan pie. Serve on sturdy melamine plates, then share cleanup duty with help from that open-air sink.

Cabinetry Galore: Storage

Lynx Grills - Cabinetry Galore: Storage
While powerful food-focused appliances are the most significant part of any luxury backyard cooking space, your outdoor kitchen ideas should also include as much storage as you need (and not too much more). Before picking out your cabinets and drawers, consider how much grilling gear you use, how often you eat outside, and what you'll need to keep out here. For example, those who only cook outside once every week or so might only need a cabinet or two to store their propane tank.
If your family is passionate about enjoying evenings outdoors under the stars, a full customized storage setup is in order. Equip your island with shining stainless steel cabinets and drawers, from dedicated trash bins to paper towel drawers. With cabinetry options that favor different hinge placement and door sizes, the selection at Lynx is built to fit any luxury outdoor kitchen ideas.

Built to Last: Cold Weather Cooking

While we might wish otherwise, summer weather doesn't last forever in temperate climates. But that shouldn't mean you have to button up your entire backyard cooking space year-round (though you should protect certain gear with grill covers in poor weather and when not in use). That being said, some appliances must be protected in the winter months.
Lynx Grills - Built to Last: Cold Weather Cooking
When temperatures get anywhere close to 45 degrees, it's time to spring into action to prevent pipes from bursting. Shut off and drain your outside water lines—that includes any pipes going to refrigerators, ice makers, and sinks. Begin by shutting off your water, then open the hot and cold faucets until no remaining water runs out. Then winterize all water-connected gear as described in your owner's manual.
In sub-freezing temperatures that compact fridge is unable to function, but that doesn't mean you can't cook outside. Throw on your jacket and bring a platter of your favorite grillables out to the barbecue and watch snowflakes fall beside your cooker. For an extra-warm cooking hub, equip your space with a patio heater. That way you'll have no trouble performing delicate spatula maneuvers that require gloves to be off—and finished cheeseburgers won't grow cold as soon as they leave the grill.

Luxury Made Yours with Lynx

Lynx Grills - Luxury Made Yours with Lynx
While these new outdoor kitchen ideas are a stylish indicator of luxury living, it's only lavish if this space matches your personalized vision. And while the design process can seem confusing thanks to a multi-step process, our experts at Abt are here to help you every step of the way. Call us to consult with our backyard specialists at 800-860-3577, or swing by the store to get a look at some of our Lynx products in person. Alternatively, do some research ahead of time and check out our article on the 16 Must-Have Outdoor Kitchen Accessories and Appliances. Arm yourself with knowledge and outdoor kitchen ideas, and you'll soon be enjoying dinnertime out on the patio beside your new built-in grill.