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Wall Ovens vs. Ranges

Whether you're building your dream home or doing a major renovation, choosing the right appliances is an important decision. Learn the differences between wall ovens vs. ranges to determine which is best for your home.
Open electric wall oven installed in white cabinets

Getting Started

Whether you're building your dream kitchen from the ground up or remodeling, it's important to know which appliances are the best fit for your space. When it comes to deciding between a wall oven vs. range, there are several factors to consider: lifestyle, aesthetics, budget and lifespan. We break down everything you need to think of when deciding which of these kitchen appliances to purchase.

The Difference Between Wall Ovens & Ranges

As the name implies, a wall oven is installed in your wall and needs to be paired with a cooktop for complete cooking functionality. They are available in single and double models, which gives you more options to best fit your kitchen. If you have the space and cook at home frequently, you'll probably want a double oven. These appliances are typically installed at eye level, which means no bending or crouching to remove food when it's done cooking. Their built-in installation will require more work from professional installers, so consider the time (and money) you want to spend upgrading your kitchen. From a design perspective, wall ovens typically blend into their surroundings.
A range is an all-in-one appliance with burners on top (like a cooktop) and an oven space below. Some even have double ovens, though these are more commonly seen on high-end options. Because the oven sits underneath the cooktop, you'll have to bend down to remove food. Installation tends to be easier for ranges; just be sure you know what fuel type your kitchen accommodates. If you're using electricity, you'll just need to connect to an outlet, but gas ranges will obviously need to connect to a gas line. Design-wise, ranges tend to make more of a statement in the kitchen. Some luxury brands, like BlueStar, even outfit ranges with statement-making colors and beautiful hardware to really make the appliance stand out.
Stainless Steel induction range with stainless steel wall hood above

Factors to Consider

Lifestyle Factors

Your lifestyle and kitchen layout are the two most important factors when deciding between a wall oven vs. range. From a lifestyle perspective, you should think about how often you cook and who does the cooking. If you and your spouse or roommate often cook at the same time, a wall oven might be a better choice. Having two separate appliances (the oven and the cooktop) enables two people to cook simultaneously; or, if you're cooking solo, something can roast in the oven while you boil water for pasta or simmer sauce on the cooktop.
If you live solo or do most of the cooking, a range is a nice option. By containing two appliances in one, you can easily multitask while preparing meals. Dinner can simmer away on the rangetop while dessert bakes below, making these appliances great for busy people.

Cleaning & Maintenance

Regular cleaning and proper maintenance are essential for reliable operation and a prolonged lifespan of your appliance. Cleaning a wall oven is easy thanks to most options having a Self Clean feature. Similarly, the oven cavities in most ranges feature their own self-cleaning mode. In both instances, cleaning the cooktop or rangetop is what may be more difficult, particularly those with gas cooktops.
When it comes to maintenance and repairs, wall ovens prove to be more of a challenge. Because they are built into your wall, these appliances don't offer easy access to service professionals. Additionally, if you cannot repair your wall oven and need to replace it, you'll need to find one with the same measurements. In contrast, the back of ranges are easier to access; whether you have a slide-in or drop-in model, these kitchen appliances are not literally built into your kitchen.


Chances are you're working with a specific budget to replace or upgrade your kitchen appliances. Wall ovens tend to cost more in general, and needing a cooktop adds to the cost. Together, these two appliances can cost thousands of dollars. In contrast, kitchen ranges tend to be more budget friendly, with entry-level models costing under $1,000. If costs need to be kept to a minimum, a range is for you.


Are aesthetics important to you? If you prefer a sleek, minimal look, a wall oven is a better choice. Because they're built into your wall or amongst your cabinets, this appliance lends a more seamless look. Combined with the built-in look of a cooktop, this combination achieves the sleekest look possible. There are also oven options with standard drop down doors as well as French door options typically seen on more expensive models.
Aesthetically, ranges are much more stately. If you want to make a statement, opt for something besides standard stainless steel. Different colors and materials are available from various brands so you can make a style statement in your kitchen. Large, statement-making knobs are another chance to bring your design tastes to the kitchen, whether you prefer brushed brass, copper, or the iconic red knobs found on Wolf ranges.


Luckily, these appliances tend to have similar lifespans—about 15 years. If you splurge on your appliance, you can look forward to a product that will last years and more than make up for what you've spent.

Wall Oven vs. Range: Which is Right for Me?

If you're looking for which appliance is best between ovens and ranges, the answer is "it depends." The factors above are what this decision depends on, so you should pick the option that best fulfills those criteria for you. There are way more options on the market now than 20 years ago, with colorful ranges for a fun design element or ovens with French doors fit for a professional chef. If you'd like to learn more about these appliances, we have both a wall oven buying guide and a kitchen range buying guide for your perusal. If you still have questions or want to inquire about a specific product, reach out to our experts at 800-860-3577.

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