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American Leather

The American Leather company was formed more than a decade ago with the idea that great looking, comfortable leather furniture could be custom made and delivered to customers in 30 days. They saw a retail situation where retailers were having to stock leather sofas to satisfy the desire to receive new furniture fast. At the time, you were given a choice between black, cream, burgundy, or navy for a sofa you planned to sit on every day and have for at least 10 to 15 years - not exactly a lot of options.

American Leather offers customers 13 different styles of leather in over 70 different colors - from rich, deep browns to bright, sunflower; sleek, silver grays and bright, ruby reds. And best of all, we deliver it all to you within 30 days. You get what you want, when you want it.

Each piece is built to the customer's individual requirements and shipped in 2-3 weeks. Although they have grown considerably, they still produce each piece, one at a time, to your exact specifications.


American Leather designs comfort into tradition. From nail heads (brass or pewter) to fully padded roll arms, their furniture is tailored to meet the individual needs of the customer. You choose. You design.
There are several traditional styles to choose from (chunky, sleek, high or low armed) which are great for any room in the house. With looks inspired by age-old designs, you can mix in your favorite family heirlooms and still create a room that is all about you.


As the name implies, transitional walks the line between traditional and contemporary. Good, clean, and simple design that fits today's need for comfort and style. Transitional provides the opportunity to create many looks in your home. Mix it with an antique of any period and create a wonderful eclectic look. Pair them with current contemporary pieces for a cleaner, more refined style. American Leather's exceptional tailoring creates simple, straight and basic sofas for you to use as a backdrop for whatever look you desire.


American Leather's incredibly stylish frames offer looks unduplicated by the industry. Shapely, curvaceous designs that maintain an incredible comfort. There are many contemporary options on their designs. In addition to wood legs, often in three colors, chrome or brushed aluminum can also be chosen. Welt in suede or a contrast color. Two-tone designs are also an option. With their incredible color palette of leathers and their fabulously broad offering of frame styles you can create a contemporary, bold décor unrivaled by your neighbors or friends.



Originated by the Italians, this look creates a welcoming, comforting sofa that calls out to be sat on, slept in and generally lived with on a daily basis. With the pillow top cushions, pillow top arms and generous proportions these frame styles are great for any room where you want to spend a lot of time.

Accent Chairs & Recliners

Accent Chairs & Recliners

  • Vintage Cigar Chairs
  • Chaise Loungers
  • Funky Fun Accents
  • The Most Profound

Comfort Sleepers

Style in Motion

Imagine the comfort of your favorite recliner, combined with the fashionable styling of a beautiful sofa. Introducing Style in Motion from American Leather.
They've taken the art of relaxation to a new level. Settle into down-filled cushions and relax on the extended length footrest. Now there is no need to "hide" your favorite recliner in the corner; you can display it proudly anywhere in the room. Style in Motion includes a line of furniture with patent-pending hidden recliners to create individualized comfort. A smooth, electric motor reclines the seat in an infinite number of positions - ideal for everything from reading and watching television, to sneaking in an afternoon nap. Each reclining section has individualized control, offering a new dimension in adjustable comfort.

Home Theater

Home Theater

When you're showing off the latest and greatest in top of the line home theater equipment, keep in mind that presentation is everything. Create the upscale atmosphere that your media room deserves.
American Leather's Home Theater Collection is a great compliment to any high-end media equipment. Impress your guests by providing them with the level of comfort that can only be attained by relaxing in American Leather furniture.
Their collections can be arranged in a variety of configurations to fit any room.
Add in cupholders and recliner options to your specifications. Create your vision. Your Style. Your Choice. Your Way.

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